Town Planning

As accredited RiskSMART town planning consultants you can rely on our skills and experienced planners to deliver innovative and cost effective planning solutions. Our planners are PIA members and aspiring developers with an up to date knowledge of the latest planning schemes, market trends and policy frameworks.



As part of our town planning services we undertake:

  • Prepare and Lodge Development Applications
  • Subdivisions and Plan Sealing
  • Development Feasibilities
  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Manage Public Notification and Submission Responses
  • RiskSMART Fast Tracked Applications
  • Heritage Exemptions and Conservation Advice
  • Demolition and Partial Demolition Approvals.
  • Statutory Advice, Court Mediations and Appeals



With extensive experience in dealing with Local and State authorities, we have the networks and expertise to get your development approval in place on time and within budget.

Our portfolio showcases our achievements in securing approvals for all types of development applications, with our specialities being infill multi-residential including townhouses, units and apartment towers, small lot homes, demolitions and character renovations, and subdivisions.



We've been RiskSMART accredited consultants with Brisbane City Council since the program commenced in 2005. Low-risk or fully compliant development applications, can usually be decided within five working days of an application becoming decision-ready. For impact assessable applications, this commences once public notification requirements have been fulfilled. RiskSMART is a faster and more efficient option providing you with a quick tick for your project and allowing you to speed up the development process. Call or email us to see if your project is eligible or read more in our FAQs.



"RiskSMART – cutting through the red tape"



Understanding the critical path a development application has and the hurdles you'll need to overcome to get your development approved. Each project has its own complexity level which is why we'll identify upfront any major issues that need specialist technical inputs. Red tape, green tape, site constraints, and sometimes multiple approval processes need to be navigated before the actual construction of a project can commence.

We also know that it's not just enough to get the approval. With our in-house designers, project managers and trusted consultants we have an edge on our competitors in coordinating designs that consider build-ability. This ensures that your development approval conditions are reasonable and don't come with any nasty surprises.

 As we regularly work on projects like yours, we're confident that working with our trusted consultants we'll get the best result for your project. We'll engage, coordinate, and liaise with these specialists and the relevant authorities to ensure all the pieces of the development jigsaw fall into place smoothly.



Our team specialises in achieving results on challenging sites and creating value for clients throughout the subdivision process. This value adding carries through from gaining the development approval; to construction, operational works and compliance stages; and finally plan sealing, where land titles are created. Check out our Subdivision FAQ's for how the project is delivered.

Our expertise in small lot home designs ensures that we can negotiate to overcome any concerns Council may express in a technical manner without the expense of preparing a full set of future home plans.

If you have an existing house or a possible splitter block and would like to realise its potential but have heritage, character, or demolition control restrictions then you can be confident of our successes in achieving exemption certificates for State Government referred applications and those requiring full or partial demolition. Whether its lot sizes below the minimum size, setback or frontage requirements, irregular shaped lots or those with servicing issues, including sloping sites, access easement reductions, stormwater, overland flow or flooding, we'll give you an honest appraisal and examples of our success for a project like yours.

If you're Brisbane based, there are now opportunities presented by the recent Brisbane City Plan 2014 that may not have been possible before, so call or email us to discuss how this may affect your property.    



We offer free town planning advice over the phone, however when you need a more in-depth investigation we offer a range of town planning feasibilities tailored to suit property owners, developers, finance professionals and real estate agents.

Our Site Appraisal Feasibility includes all the relevant Council and State searches, a review of any planning constraints or opportunities that may affect the yield or value of the site and identifies the consultants you'll need to engage for your project. As part of this service we also estimated the infrastructure charges that will apply to your proposed development and discuss compliant and noncompliant development scenarios and the likelihood of approval. We package this in a single report which are great for existing owners wanting to appraise their property, developers completing Due Diligence, and real estate agents preparing a listing for market.

For sites with multiple constraints or where you're prepared to push the development boundaries we can add Schematic Plans to your feasibility which may include floor plans for units and townhouses, configurations for car parking and manoeuvring, or options for subdivision layouts. These plans give you confidence in your understanding of the projects risks, and the ability to mitigate non-compliant aspects and prepare your development strategy accordingly.

Our Detailed Appraisal Feasibility is specifically designed for challenging sites with known issues or sites over 1000m². This tailored service includes a site appraisal and schematic plans but takes the process further to quantify particular issues such as road widening, protected vegetation, flood investigations or titling matters. Usually completed in conjunction with a Due Diligence period it can include options to engage and coordinate consultants and/or obtain neighbours consent. If requested or recommended it may involve attendance at a pre lodgement meeting with the relevant authorities to discuss the proposal. Our feasibilities are designed to be flexible and it's possible to start with our other feasibility studies and progress to a Detailed Appraisal if necessary.


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