Project management

If you are thinking about starting a new project but don't know where to begin, or would like assistance managing all the ins and outs of your development, we can help. As part of our holistic approach, AAD can provide flexible project management packages letting you tell us where you want our help and where you've got it covered.



Our project management services are customisable to your needs and can include any of the following elements;

  • Prepare Tender Package and recommendations on Tender Program
  • Recommendations on Contract Conditions
  • Identify Construction Cost Savings
  • Negotiate Design Documentation and Finishes with Builder
  • Issuance of Notices
  • Conveying Direction to Builders
  • Monitor and Record Construction Proceedings
  • Issue, Assess, and Authorise Contract Variations
  • Organise Final Certification
  • Issue and Sign off on Deflects List



Our Project Management services at AAD Design are as flexible as you need them to be. We want to assist you to get the most out of your project.

As part of our end to end service we are available to work with you, and provide hands on help, at any stage of your project. We offer customisable packages to suit any budget or level of client experience. Our base services include; Post approval Management; Tender and Procurement; Contract Administration and Post Construction.


Our tender and procurement services are great as part of a package or on their own. Help from our in-the-know staff at this stage of your project can save you money and ensure you get quality results by engaging the right builders and consultants. As part of our Tender and Procurement service we will prepare your tender package manage the tendering process, critique and make recommendations on tender programme and contract conditions; monitor the status of Building Applications and permissible changes; identify where you can make savings in the construction of your project; negotiate final design documentation and finishes schedules with your builder; and include this in a drafting building contract. 


Contract Administration can be a tricky process to manage, especially when you need to find the time in a busy day to scrutinise every detail of construction and compliance. Let us lend a hand; we offer our contract administration services in both a Superintendent Role for those who would like to leave it in the hands of our experts or an Advisory Role for those that would like some guidance in the process.

The Superintendent Role of our Contract Administration service includes issuance of notices and conveying direction to builders; certification of progress payments; monitor, record and report back to you on construction proceedings; provide advice on any items requiring feedback; issue, assess, and authorise contract variations; and organise the final certification. 

The Advisory Role of our Contract Administration service includes the preparation of items for you to action under contract; 1 site visit per week; advice in interpreting contract documentations and the certification of progress payments.


We offer Post Construction Management which covers those last checks and enables you to eradicate any fears about being left with a product you're not happy with. As part of this service we issue a Defects List prior to the Defects Liability Period (DLP), which is typically 3 or 12 months from the date of practical completion, and sign off the completion of defects at the end of this period.


Building design and construction is no small undertaking at any scale and every project comes with their own challenges. Effective project management mitigates construction cost risks and ensures effective communication with consultants and the builder at every stage of the project delivery process.

We have the resources and knowledge to guide you through what can potentially be a stressful and costly process with hidden costs; and work closely with you through any or all stages of your project to ensure you stay informed, your project stays on schedule, and that you are left with the results you want.


At AAD Design we are results driven, and delivering client budgets and timeframes are no exception to this. To ensure your project stays on track we use like-minded builders, consultants and suppliers that strive for the same excellence and timeliness to ensure that you get the best results possible.


Some of our valued consultants are:

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